Support Me!

If you are interested in supporting me, my creations and video content through monetary contributions there are several ways to do so here, but first id like to make it clear what the money is used for and who i'm accepting donations from.

  • Donations will only be accepted from persons aged 18 and above. This is due to my concerns that younger impressionable members of my audience may not fully understand the value of their money or where its going. I expressed these feelings in a video you can find here.
  • All donations will be put towards hardware, recording equipment and games for improving content creation. On this page you can find information on what upgrades i'm looking into, how it affects content creation and my steam wishlist of games.

If you want to support me on a monthly basis you can do so through my patreon campaign. There are several tiers of rewards all listed in detail on my patreon page found here. Perks include:

  • Commision free (cheaper) T-Shirts - store
  • Access to all live stream servers, including the Xisuminati Modded server.
  • Official Xisuma Mousepad* by Rabenschild

  • Adjustable 4" Xisuma figurine**, skin by Rabenschild

  • A choice from one of three high quality Doom themed Xisumavoid posters* by InkByte, ZloYxp and ???

* The Mousepad and posters are available in select countries

** Xisuma figurine is available in select countries

There are two ways to donate, you can use Twitch Alerts. These donations will be acknowledged and thanked during a livestream. If you wish to remain anonymous with your donation use this link to donate directly to my paypal.

Subscribing to my twitch account will provide you with perks and privileges in the chat as well as removing advertisements from the stream. Click here for more information.